About Dining Out Colorado

So, really, I’m no food critic…but I can cook! I have a lot to say about food and I have had a big mouth since I was a kid (or so my mother tells me!). I’ve been in the restaurant scene here in Denver since I moved here in January of 2013. I’ve been both a patron as well as someone who helps out local restaurants/bars with their design and marketing needs. Through this I’ve found that I enjoy exposing the good food I find to the good people of Colorado.

So how did this get started?

I own my own advertising and marketing business and am a serial entrepreneur. I enjoy going out with clients to eat and drink at new locations around town, and I’ve always kept a personal photographic catalogue of where we went and what we ate. I started posting these pictures on Facebook; then it overflowed to Instagram.

You have restaurants as clients?

Yes! Some of the pictures I’ve taken have been at clients establishments that I’ve had and have the pleasure of working with. I’ve built their websites, handled their social media, designed their menus and layouts, even advertised and ran marketing campaigns for them. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, it might have even been me that replied to your review on Yelp/Google or responded to your email.

I’ll Leave you with this.

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.”

– Anthony Bourdain